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Preview and new screenshots from Computerbild-Spiele magazine (German)

The 5-page preview contains some brand new screenshots and a new artwork. There should be new infos, I hope our German-speaking members would be helpful on this.

Summarized preview:
Originally Posted by Grimmy View Post

Like it basicly tells that when Niko first arrives to Liberty City he's pretty bummed about Roman being a fucking liar. So he just thinks he has to get the job done himself. Then he meets the Automechanic Brucie and they arrange a date wich Niko writes down on his uber kewl cell phone. But first he has to help some Mafia dudes, for whatever reason. The Italians want Niko to go kill some Police guy (who did them something wrong in the past I'm sure...). So he whips out his super cool cell phone and dials 911. A few squad cars appear shortly after and the police check out the scene while Niko STRAIGHT UP JACKS A POLICE CAR. He looks the guy up on the police computer and drives over to some building site. He uses a Lift from the building across and whips out a sniper rifle (out of his netherregions.. teehee).(the guy who wrote the preview said the view was so beautiful he almost cried). He looks through the sniper scope and OH SHIT there's a sniper on the other roof. Niko blasts the fool and the dude falls off onto a car. woop. Niko then gets attacked by some people and he hides behind some wood. But through the super cool new engine the wood doesn't really do much justice as the bad guys just shoot through it. So Niko hides behind some steel grinder thing. He then whips out his gun and shoots off some dudes and then fucking nails the rest with a grenade. A job well done, m8.

After that Brucie rings Niko up and tells him to meet up at some fancy nightclub. They meet up and two hours later they storm out of the bar drunk and just step over eachother and laugh at incoherent things like a butterfly taking a crap...well they don't do that but that's what I do when I'm drunk. Anyway they reach the car and apperently its a whole different experience driving when drunk. Niko crashes the car numerous times and Brucie pukes in his lap. But somehow Niko manages to drive Brucie home safely. The car by then is a fucking wreck so Niko gets out of the car busts open the nearest car window and hot wires it. (goddamnit this previewer sucks.. such a fucking kiss ass to rockstar, srsly). So Niko hauls ass and drives away, over a bridge and next to some houses (wich beaituflly mirrors the sun [see what i mean with the kiss assers?]). After some time Niko gets stopped by the Fuzz and just whips out his rocket launcher and roasts some pigs. Then he drives off into the sun. Just a normal day in Liberty City.

- For the first time, a preview based on hands-on impression;
- The game is set in 2008 (it conflicts with some previous previews that already told about 2006!)
- Niko always wears helmet while riding motorcycle (mandatory I think)
- There are now two separate buttons to get in and start the engine of a car. (while in previous GTAs, one button did the trick)
- You may find 'useful things' (as cash, weapons etc. may be) in the cars you break in.
- Wasted! feature seems indifferent, you will lose all of your weapons only.
- Bulletholes (on walls, buildings etc.) will remain visible (not certain if it's temporary or permanent).

New screenshots:

Credits to Freezer89 from GTAForums for the scans!

Huge thanks to K-evin for this signature.

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