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Originally Posted by Jonatron View Post
Assuming your already at the end of the story, or at least into Vas Venturas , then you should get a jet, Shammal or otherwise, take a good fly up over area 69, take a look at a vehicle map, then parachute down, aiming for a tank spawn, land, run away and back if theres not one there, then hop in, smash though the fence on the south side and park in your airbase Garage (opposed to the hangar). You can then do the missions. OR, if you like aircraft, goto Las Venturas, do 'Heli hell' , fly to Las venturas and get out of the heli, let the timer expire, then quit the menu, and do Vigalante with your new Hunter.
-Either Way, its easy.
Well, with Hunter is more difficult since it's a helicopter.
Rhino is the best for do the Vigilante missions, since it haves missiles and resistance.
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