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Well, a short note about the added gang areas after flying. Now that I'm using Version 1, I have had a little good luck. All areas were green prior to starting CJ off on a few long flights, fattened up with good old CHILI DOGS After two 30 to 40 minute (real time) flights, there was one new Ballas area, now after an hour and a few minutes flight, there are two Ballas and one Vagos areas. After anothe hour and a couple minutes flight, there are the two Ballas areas, the one Vagos areas, plus there are people in black clothing (not Triad) shooting at OGF Homies in the dock areas of Los Santos. All areas mentioned are in Los Santos, and all times are in REAL time, not game time. So, am going to pork CJ up real good and have him fly once again, then see what pops up
OT, you're back!!! I already know that and on XBox it doesn't work.
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