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Originally Posted by Indref View Post

-NRG Challenge
-Blood Bowl
-All of the street and flying races.

NRG is evil, but there is a glitch, by collecting a corona EXACTLY when the time runs out, you get Inf time, so your only worry is driving off the track and plunging into the water, so know where your aiming.
8-track is grawr. There is much frustration, but, at one point you will learn the amound of slowing down that is needed to avoid explosion, get your lucky break, and win.
Luck you need. 3 tries was enough for me, but that is only luck.
Street races and a bugger, Los Santos is tricky, the rest are Wooden Cakewalk. Easy to digest though, but chewing them will take a LONG time.
Flying Races are easy, (mind you, i love flying) I managed them all first try, but, I love flying. leave of the gas on the planes, hover in the Hrdra.
100% in LCS and SA and now VCS. GTAIII-31%(Missions Complete). Vice City, that game is tricky, But so-so cool. - Story Complete, now i need to play it through again and get 100%. All Packages, Paramedic, Vigilante complete 'In The Begining' Hell yeah.
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