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GTA SA keeps crashing...

Hello, I'm relatively new to modding, although I do have enough skills to correctly install mods manually. I first tried the SAMI files for this mod, but my game started crashing often. So I un-installed the SAMI mod, and re-installed manually. The Crashes have slowed, but they are still happening. It's mostly when I'm in a car, or being shot at. (if that makes a difference) I got a few mods previously installed, and I'm also using this mod from a previous save, not a new game. Whould that make any difference? I got version 1.0 of SA, so my next step was to a fresh install and try the SAMI file again. On a side note. Where do I go to get the outfits? lol Should they already be in the closet, or do I have to buy them? Same thing with the hairstyles....I didn't see any new ones in the barbershop. Oh well, still the best weapons mod I have seen, hope to see more in the future. Thanks.
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