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Got the issue yesterday, but couldn't scan it...
Official PlayStation Magazine


GTA Artistry: With Sections for Screenshots, movies, official art, fan art, and are interpretations (called "Things to Notice") as well as an elegant art opener, this site wins The Best GTA IV Art Award".

Preview Gallery: We like the quick links to previews that lead you straight to a forum thread so you can extrapolate on what you just read."

Slick Layout: White text on a black background may not be the healthiest color combination for our eyes, but we love the clean, open design."

Guns Galore: A weapons tab leads you to a list of weapons that will probably be in the game, based on the trailers. It mentions each weapon's caliber, capacity, and background.

Busy Forums: Of all the Forums, the ones at were the most active. Our favorite thread? "Missions you DON'T want in 4"

Educated Guesswork: "This site includes a shot-by-shot analysis of the first GTA IV Trailer. You're bound to learn an interesting tidbit or two you hadn't already heard.... if not in the actual analysis, then in the five pages of comments that follow."

Countdown to NowWhen: "You can download a GTA IV Countdown screensaver. As of print time, the official word was that GTA IV has been pushed to sometime in Spring 2008, so we're not sure how the countdown works now. You need a FilePlanet subscription to download it."

Hopes and Dreams: If Rockstar won't release more information, we'll make stuff up! At least thats the mentality behind fans of this site. They feature a slew of "Fake Screens" of scenes they'd like to see in GTA IV"

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