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Originally Posted by keithuk
Ye - well i think so anyway, ive seen a number of screens where hes wearing different things and it would be silly to leave something like that out of the game :/
Not sure whether it will be like SA where you pick clothes or VC where you have a full suit that you cant customize - maybe someone else will know

Hopefully the helmet is a choice thing aswell, the helmet will look class when your driving like but i dont like the idea of him wearing it all the time.
I'd prefer to be able to change clothes by buying them in shops really like.

Yeah if you have to change to the helmet run round then get a bike I don't really like the thought. I think some how they should incorparate it into the bike, as you really wouldn't be running round the streets with the helmet on. Not sure how they would do it to make it look sensible but yeah.
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