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yeah, now we just need more modern stuff. I think that if there were a weapons pack by GRIM that didn't involve weapons that are exactly what you find anyway in the GTA series (but modelled like the creater cared), I think that would make for some cool videos.

though my personality and worthiness as a person was recently questioned, I am about to redo (reinstall) my GTA San Andreas. it's the cars, not the guns, that make me mad. there are so many cars that are too high poly and it makes my game lag in some places where a lot of that car would be.

the first thing I'm gonna make sure to put back is the weapons, and 80% of them were made by GRIM! so hell yeah I'm gonna try a nicer AK. (unless I notice something more "me" in my collection of downloads)

sorry to get so "into myself" on that post, but the AK's are good (and I don't even care about AK)
weapons are plenty, but they do no good in hands unqualified to use them! so gimme my weapons AND their ammo!
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