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The response to this video has been incredibly humbling; thank you all!

Originally Posted by waggy44
that video was serweeeet. crazy ass frame rate. how'd you get it soo good?
It's actually just 25fps (used Fraps) to acheive the most film-like look but the reason it looks smooth is because there is motion blur (if you wish to see it a bit better I recommend downloading the high-res version). The motion blur was achieved by recording all the stunts at 1/8th speed (agonizing) slow-mo, then speeding it all back up to normal in After Effects and applying Frame Blending, which makes all the intermediate frames blend together and voila! Motion blur in an otherwise motion-blur-less game :-)

Originally Posted by Tendercrisp
This is why I want Adobe after effects. It looked like you manipulated the lighting a bit. Made San Andreas look a little better than it normally would.
AE is indeed quite a useful app... The techniques I used to achieve the look were a bit of saturation boosting, contrast boosting, a vignette, (just using a transparent-to-black radial gradient made in Photoshop with the Overlay blending mode applied) and to get the 'blooming' I duplicated the video layer on top of itself, and on the top layer I gaussian blurred it about 20 pixels and then applied the Overlay blending mode to that as well; this is where the sort of 'soft focus' look comes from.

Originally Posted by Olin
Excellent work of the camera. Though the pizzaboy shots were a little nuts. ;P
Heh, yeah, my intention was to basically have a Pizza Boy's dream sequence for that section, making each of the stunts crazier than the last, then snapping out of it... Not sure if the video made it clear enough, but then I don't suppose it really matters either ;-)

Originally Posted by Jacco-_
hey, erm.. one quistion...
where can i download San Andreas Movies? xD
Well for starters there's this very site:

And of course has probably a few trillion SA videos... ;-)

Aaaanyway... Thanks again everyone!
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