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I loved it very much, the beginning was actually kind of funny to me, because of the Spider Man theme and the random quotes:

"Who the hell is Mr Magic?" "Those stunts were repulsive!" ETC

It must've taken so much work to do all of those stunts. Placing all of those ramps, boats, everything in the correct spots and angles. Heck, I didn't know it was possible to get from island to island on GTA III on bike except for using the bridges.

And that really amazed me on the first stunt. You were grinding the rail, it looked like an average whipeout, then BAM! Flips galore! And how did Mr Magic make the cab fly in the air towards the end?

An absolutely mind blowing movie! At least 9/10!

Oh, and uhh the music also didn't fit my taste. Did anyone here really like the music?

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