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Originally Posted by GRIM
Mac-10 fits Tec9 better, since the SWAT team uses the "Micro_Uzi" the Mp5k fit the SWAT and other gangster since its a allaround gun just like the MP5. It would just look stupid if a SWAT used a Mac-10.
But if you really want the Mac as micro_uzi just rename it and rename the hud in the txd and add it to ur game.
I like the Mac-10 as the micro uzi also, probably because the original one that GTA: SA put in looked like a Mac-10. I put it in as the tec-9 first and it worked fine. Then I renamed the files so it would work as the micro uzi. When I went in game to test it out, I found that the gun itself looked fine and worked well, but there was no hud icon for it. I've been trying a bunch of different things, but it just doesnt seem to work.
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