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Originally Posted by afterfl0w
Nice move editing your post though, to give it some real content.
Otherwise I'm off topic my man. I didn't say anything bad at all, if anything I was agreeing with the person who dared to give you a suggestion like your first post asked for. GTA will be great, but once you hit a certain age (perfectly literal sentence, unless you need ammo for another rant), games get old faster and faster...until they just aren't fun. To each his own I guess. Seriously though, back to work...which I get to by going "outside".

Originally Posted by FG
Well.. anyways welcome back , me an a few I know used to do the same thing , just browse mostly without joining up right away.

There has been a lot of talk about the phone , its posted here what it is , tbh its not iphone , wish I could remember.
Browsing is easier and most things aren't worth discussing. Most news here is fluff, but still fun to read and kind of sap up to kill the wait for release, just holds no water for conversation. Is it a flip at least?

Self note: "OH MY GOD I NEED TO WORK" (and probably won't, probably will get away with it though...god bless graphic design and its ease)

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