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Originally Posted by afterfl0w
... I'm pretty sure you don't belong here.
No actually, I was on topic all throughout my post. Some good points were brought up in the post, but it was pressed to be overly wordy and obviously so. If for some reason you're under the impression that post count constitutes the weight of my advice then you've got the wrong idea.

In fact I'm quite sure I've been bumming around this joint long before most people here, don't let the join date fool you. I go back to the old days of GTA3 coverage, ridiculous spam attacks and hillarious (four or five years ago) flash videos suggesting homosexual relations between admins. Hell, I was even around for when (I think it was GTAG) was hosted at some site called GameBoards or the like. That's my nerdy backstory, I've since matured a bit and changed usernames, forgotten passwords and learned the joys of puncuation and grammar. So hombre...don't step, it's a big internets and it can even hold the likes of your super bloated "I'm on the front page, so E-Penis++ for me" ego. I have work to my full - time - job, so I'm going to get back to the grind. Maybe one day when you're done living the dream at GameStop or Steak N' Shake for part time minimum wage, you'll know what one of those is.

I was wondering, what kind of phone does Niko use? I could swear in trailer #2 at the very end the "buttons" you could see for a split second were different colors, possibly indicating icons, plus the trim was metal with an all black back. This throws my oppinion to iPhone ripoff, but is it too new, and if so why did nobody else catch it? It must just be me imagining things.

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