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Just read through IGN, all I oculd ifnd that was new was that you can whistle at cabs and I haven't seen that boat screenshot before.

"Visually, GTA IV's a shocker at the moment - sluggish, spasmodic frame rates, horrendous pop-up and bland interiors all brought back uncomfortable memories of Rockstar's previous insistence on pushing its PS2 engine much harder than it should feasibly be pushed. "
And this is what Kikizo says:
"And even though this build is five weeks old, we can reveal that frame rate is much improved - certainly more stable since the last build we looked at - so anyone worried about the version shown off at Take 2's conference at E3 two weeks ago can relax. We're almost certain that was precisely the same code that we saw for our first preview, which was already quite old at the time we saw it back in May. When they warn that they are showing unoptimised code, strangely enough, they mean it. Now, the game is graphically a lot more stable, which is why they didn't hesitate to put the game engine through its paces this time with some very fast driving and shooting action around the city, that rarely struggled to keep up, unlike the more, shall we say, 'fragile' old build people have seen. "

Bit contradictoryishly.

I think it's the same dmeo Games Aktuell got, btw.

Kikizo confirms storing guns in carboots.

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