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ei GRIM, i have seen and downloaded your works. and DAMN! THEY'RE THE BEST WEAPON SKINS THAT I'VE EVER SEEN SO FAR! so clean! but some of your works would be even better if it is tweaked a little bit more. and also, i don't know if this is the appropriate thread, but i have some requests if that's OK with you. seeing that you are the best weapon modeller that i know of, i know these requests would look at their best if it is done by you. these are the following:



Mac10 for micro_uzi - i really liked your Mac10s, but sadly, it only replaces the tec9. it would be great if you have these for the micro_uzi.


Glock19 for colt45 - i really liked your USPs. but i wish you also have Glocks as a replacement. and for me personally, Glocks give that real OG feel.

Winchester Model 1894 for cuntgun - it isn't really a replacement and yes, just the same weapon as the original weapon skin of the game. but it would be great if you are able to create a more clean and decent looking Winchester rifle.

M61 for grenade - seeing that you don't have a replacement for the grenades yet, i guess this would be a good replacement.

Molotovs for molotov - just the same case as the Winchester. just requesting a more decent looking weapon skin for this weapon.


Tec-9 for tec9 - your model is almost perfect. it's just that the magazine is a little too thick. if you reduce the thickness a little bit, then you'll have the best looking Tec-9 model i'll ever find.


i would really appreciate it you could grant me these requests. but if you can't, then that's just fine. and PLEASE, keep up your great and excellent work! i'd be looking forward for your works in the future.

Thanks a lot!
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