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Preview from Games Aktuell (Germany)

Yes, this is the actual one.

Some points retrieved so far are...(probably more to come)

- The taxi drivers will play a significant roll into the gameplay. If Niko wants to go to point B, from point A, on the map, he can take the ride with just a push of a button.

- This time, taxi-drivers will fulfill some special wishes for the Player. If Niko feels hungry, the Yellow Cab will drive him to the next Food restaurant. If Niko is hurt, then the taxi-driver will drive to the nearest hospital. So, each place is reachable, by taxi, in a matter of few seconds.

- Though, you can't take the taxi ride, while police are after you.

- Police will appear on the map as 'dots', while they are on search for you.

- Niko Bellic uses his mobile phone and the Internet, on regular basis.

- On the street of LC, the reporters saw - Ferrari, Volkswagen Jetta, BMWs, Mustangs, delivery vans, SUV's, garbage truck.

- Niko's mobile phone is a phone, messenger, Organizer, photo camera and GPS - all in one.

- The map will have GPS, which shows you the best way (will be colored in Yellow) towards your target.

- Improved target system with different hitzones.

- For the first time, Niko can be steered in all directions, while the past GTAs allowed the character to move only at 8 directions.

- Drive-bys, naturally, is going to be another returning feature for the game. This time, you won't get unnoticed of all the emotions running, on the main character's face, during the whole action.

- Hot-wiring a car takes about 3 seconds.

- In the mission, which involves the killing of the Lawyer Mr. Goldberg, there is a dialogue between him and Niko (after Niko pulled out his gun).
Goldberg says: ďI donít fear guns. You know, guns donít kill people - Videogames kill people.Ē

- The following shootout with the police is one of the best ever in a GTA-game according to the magazine. You have to cover and shoot while things fly through the room from the bullets. One policeman even fell down the escalator when they shoot him in the knee.

- The girl, on the artwork with lollipop, is named Lola and she is available for special hours.
Thanks to

Digital Screenshots and Video from the content of the DVD. (Courtesy of LSD from

Downloadable in Zip file from Matt's Blog



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