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Originally Posted by smooth
The Games Aktuell magazine offers 2 exclusive titelstoies in the new edition. One is a secret, the second is about the be reveiled. As the only german magazine we are allowed to travel to NY. When we go home, we will not only bring a 10-page-preview, where we write about the first 2 mission, but we also take home 20 new screenshots and -here it comes- an exclusive video on DVD.Unfortunately this means we won't reach the subscribers jsut yet. Therefore it will be in the stores at the 21. of Juli.

My german isn't all that good and nor is my english, so I might've made a mistake somewhere

The exclusive video sounds cool.
So I'm guessing the info in the startpost was made up(I seriously doubt the dogs) by someone at GameFaq's and that we'll get the actual info and screenshots the 21.
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