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Originally Posted by waggy44
do you think this is where the ability to climb telegraph poles comes in.
you get the cops attention in one are so you shoot up a telegraph pole (making sure no witness' spot u doing so) and the cops come to the area, look around for a bit, realise your not there and walk away radioing HQ saying nothing found. then you smuggly climb down the telegraph pole and carry on with your business.
I've seen a lot of people thinking the same thing. But now, please, go to your nearest street, and just look around a little bit. Wouldn't you see a man on top of one of them? I know I would. Maybe I wouldn't if it was dark and the light is not working, but in clear day light, you can't stay "invisible" up there. You would just be a lot more vulnerable to the police or any one else for that matter. Just my oppinion.

The police system seems totally radical from this preview, and so do the other features. The internet in the game, wow, that's just awesome. If they have that, then they might even include one thing i added to my wishlist when I saw the Darkness game - working TVs.
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