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i'm in no way trying to start a war, but I'm just saying anything can happen. and Yes they are all big companies, and I totally agree with that. But what I'm getting at is... well just type "Richest person in america" in google and see what you can find, and that person would be bill gates. You can't avoid that, and it is known that Microsoft will try to swing the competition around if its getting a little too hot. Meaning if his 360 sales are going down the tubes due to a format war, then he'll be doing something about it (or else will try to) PS3 and 360's have both got their up's and down's and if I had alot of money I'd probably buy both, but I'm just saying that the console wars and format war is way too unstable to pick a definite 'winner' now. If Microsoft see's an opportunity to make money by using money, then 90% sure they'd jump on it, and it's happened before. Example: Buying the company Rare.

Lets get this back on topic here, who cares who's a big company and what companies can do. As for exclusive content, I was surprised that it is only exclusive for only the 360, but if you read the arcticle, it says a company representative says its exclusive for the 360, so technically it isn't really confirmed exclusive only to the 360 from what I read.


"Talk of an exclusive deal began following the release of Take-Two's Q2 financial report on Tuesday. The report stated that the episodic content would be released on 360 during the 2008 fiscal year - with no mention of PlayStation 3."
Just because there's no mention of PS3 episodic content doesn't mean it's not going to be there, it could just not have been decided yet or not.

"Now a company representative has told, "The Grand Theft Auto IV episodic content is exclusive to Xbox 360."

Just because a company rep says it will, doesn't mean it will. Once its published, and confirmed by Rock*, I wouldn't say there's no hope for the PS3 to have exclusive content. I'd just put it down as a rumour for now.
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