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Hey, everyone knows the market can shift and such, and maybe the executive of sony will be drunk one night and decided to cut the price by 100 bucks, thus changing the shape COMPLETELY of the console wars, and increasing Blu-ray DVD sales dramatically. Who knows.... but Microsoft is an extremely big company, and the last thing they need is money going to Sony, so you never know what billy can do.

Edit: Oh! There are also companies who release titles on both blu-ray and HD-DVD. In terms of Universal, I think they do, since they have the Fast and The Furious all on HD-DVD, and I have a bunch of universal pictures HD-DVD's. Same with Warner Brothers, I've got like 6 WB HD-DVD movies, which seems weird if they're part of a format war. Doesn't seem to make much sense to me that they'd release something on HD-DVD.
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