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That's the reason why its so expensive. If you wanted to watch high def movies on a console its 399.99 for the Core 360. + 199.99 = 599.98. The PS3, which includes the player is 699.99 (all Canadian prices mind you)

So the HD-DVD player is a cheaper player to begin with, atleast around here, and the xbox 360 is cheaper, and you can get the HD add-on now too so it increases Xbox 360 sales(for those who want a console + HD movie player and can afford to purchase the console, then buy the HD-DVD player afterwards) aswell as HDDVD player sales, since its considered an HD-DVD player on the market. Honestly I couldn't tell you who will win each war, but it looks like at this point in time, and in eastern canada, that HD-DVD & Xbox 360's are winning since the demand for them arn't quite high. The Wii on the other hand... well thats another story, and shouldn't be in this thread

Edit: RE5 wont be on the Wii will it? Since its only about as powerful as the original xbox.....or atleast so I'm told.
Edit#2: Ah. RE5 is on the 360 too as stated in Wikipedia. (odd place to find it though, but it works.)
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