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Thank you ash for clearing that up, everytime I post something like that someone seems to want to start a war. Atleast I know there's some grownups here. hehe I can't see the blu-ray turning out to winning though, I did my research and spoke with some friends about it that don't own either xbox or ps3, but i believe that the winner of HD-DVD vs Blu-ray will HEAVILY depend on the console "wars" and how Microsoft added the HD-DVD drive as an accessory, made the 360 much more cheaper. Surprised that Sony didn't do that also, then we would have had a really good competition. And I'm not a fanboy either, I'm just going to stick with money grabbin Billy (Microsoft) for now though haha.

And no, HDDVD isn't used for games, and I can't see that the HD-DVD will EVER be used for gaming with this generation of consoles.
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