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I'm just wondering if you all realized why III/VC/SA/LCS/VCS was all for the playstation 2/psp? Rock* signed a contract a couple years back with sony saying that sony will have the games first before any other console. So III/VC/SA were all for PS2... then they banged out LCS/VCS since its all easy work(meaning not needing 150 developers) for the PSP. So the next gen could go either way. That way now they completed their contract with sony, Rock* may or may not have something going with Microsoft.

If I recall correctly, I read up on this information(about the contract with Rock* & Sony) just after III was released. Once I heard that IV had episodic content confirmed on the 360, I bought the 360. ANYONE who wants to bring up capacities of HD vs Blu-Ray should just drop it now since the HD-DVD Drive is an addition to the 360(which retails for 199.99 CAD), so they're just going to use the same style of disc that is used with every other 360 game, and I can't see the ability of having blu-ray changing the outcome of the graphical, or features with the game. With seeing how Sony did the same thing they did with Blu-Ray as they did with the minidisc, we can all figure out what will become of the blu-ray.

Although, I do have a question about the PS3 that maybe some of you PS3 owners can answer for me: Is it 100% confirmed that every single created PS3 game uses the blu-ray disc? Or do they just use a similiar disc with the 360, just obviously programmed differently?

Just my .02 cents.

BTW, this isn't a flame on PS3, i'm just pointing out the facts, of what I personally seen happen and some theories about why LCS/VCS was created(since they pretty much have no purpose, and what company would want to create a "good" game on a handheld, but it obviously makes sense, and I'm sure Olin would agree w/ me.
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