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Originally Posted by tylerwisniewski
i read somewhere Niko is a pretty tough charater, so he should be able to protect himself from danger.
yeah, especially when your packing heat twenty four seven. forget getting mugged. i'll bust a cap in any nigga's ass that attempts to mug/carjack me.

Originally Posted by jamal
It would be cool if R* started being @$$holes and instead of u goin to the blip on da map for a mission....u wud have to go to a cetain street

for example a contact tels u to meet him on Broadway....u then either have to know broadway street well...or look at da map and find it...and if u forget u kan kall up the contact and ask him again where it is......
oh man, that would be so badass. it's so lame how you must go to a blip on the map every time you want to start a new mission. street signs will add so much to the grand theft auto experience. and i can't even begin to imagine what random/funny names rockstar will through in there.
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