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Originally Posted by Lettermaniac
Tbh I'm not sad about eating being left out. What I'm hoping for now is a system similar to Vice City's, when you could go into a Pizza Stack just to refuel your heath.

I see your point but Sa was the first game they actually made buying food and eating it to gain weight or even to jus maintain a medium frame if you wanted or you could jus not eat and your health would flash every 30 min and youd be skinny as hell. I mean who just doesnt eat at all.Its like what was the point in bringing it around if you were'nt gonna keep it and upgrade it as the series went on? i dont know im really having trouble with this one. But time will tell, i started thinking maybe cuz the original III didnt have eating, but its....2007. I would love to prove this Reiner guy wrong but hes going off of instinct and what he got from R* talking to them.
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