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16. Maxim Raykhrud Asks: Good evening, Mr. Reiner! As I understood, you are the only journalist who had seen Grand Theft Auto IV, so I'd like to ask you some questions about it.

First: Have you seen members of any mobs in the game? If yes, which?

17. Second: Is new Liberty City a detailed copy of NY, or just is looking like it?

18. Third: Are there houses enterable without loading?

Reiner: I didnít see any mob members, but that doesnít mean they arenít there. Rockstar didnít reveal everything to me. Thereís still a lot of the game that remains blanketed in mystery. It is GTA, however, so I would be shocked if a mob or two or three werenít involved. As for your second question, Liberty City is modeled after New York City, but it isnít a copy, per se. As Dan pointed out in the magazine, the real world isnít fun. You canít just throw in the city and expect gameplay to emerge from that. There are certainly recognizable parts to it, but the gameplay comes first.

19. Sacha Asks: Will characters from earlier GTAs appear in the game?

Reiner: Rockstar wouldnít say outright, but from the smile that Dan Houser gave me, I would say thereís a good possibility of crossover.

20. Bobby Swansom Asks: Will the player have to go to the gym and eat right as in GTA:SA?

Reiner: It doesnít sound like Niko is the sort of person who does a lot of working out to staying in shape. From this, donít expect him to have to work out to stay slim. As for eating, I doubt weíll see him doing that, either. The one thing I am not sure of is whether or not he can get haircuts or buy clothing.

21. J Asks: Is it true that there's no load time?

Reiner: I didnít see one load in the entire demo, and this included visiting two interiors at different points on the map.

22. Marcus Asks: What was the phone like?

Reiner: The graphic for the phone wasnít finished just yet, so I wonít go into the detail on that, but it seemed that the interface was very simple in design and easy to use. Truth be told, it looked like a real cell phone. We just have to see if it drops as many calls as a real phone.

23. Brenny Asks: Is it still the same three cars over and over again like previous games we've seen?

Reiner: Iím not sure which GTA youíve played, but I have always had more than three cars to choose from. Thereís a good chance youíll see more taxi cabs than usual, but if anything, there should be plenty of rides to choose from.

24. Gary S Writes: Hey Andrew, I just have two questions. How are the graphics and how far is the draw distance in the game ?

Reiner: The visuals are tremendous and easily some of the best I have seen. Whatís scary about this statement is that Rockstar North is still improving upon the visuals. Thereís little question that it will be one of the best looking games come this holiday. As for the draw distance, I didnít see one building, car, streetlamp, or pedestrian pop up. The framerate was also incredibly smooth and the lighting really couldnít have been much better.

25. Isaac "Sculay" Hussain Asks: Will there be a Xbox 360 Demo ?

Reiner: Rockstar hasnít announced anything yet, but I have a feeling most people will pick this game up whether they play it in advance or not.

26. A Canadian Asks: Hi! I just wanted to know when GTA IV for Xbox 360 will be in stores in Quebec, Canada... Thanks in advance...

Reiner: Nope. Rockstar specifically told me that Quebec is the one location on earth that wonít be getting GTA IV. Actually, I have no idea. Call your store to find out.

27. Matthew James Asks: Compared to previous GTA titles, how big is GTA IV?

Reiner: I already talked a lot about the city, so I will answer this question like it is being asked about the length of the game itself. I asked Dan this, and he said it should be comparable to all the other GTA games, but they donít know exactly how long it is since the game is still in development. In other words, youíll still be able to vest hundreds of hours. The multiplayer component, which is still a mystery, could greatly expand the time you spend with it too.

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