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Originally Posted by the punisher
Try showing the guys at Rockstar some of your awesome work.
the only thing that keeps Rockstar from wanting Grim to model for them, is because
1. they have specific weapons that they want used, and Grim goes above the limit.
2. they want super low poly models of everything. so you focus more on the performance instead of the look.
3. if Grim did go pro with his stuff, I dont think he'd be allowed to mod personally for free and post it here.

if he gets my message, and says yes, we'll be working on a mod to beat all mods. it should be easy to use once its created, but we need to have people able to edit

then we need to have people start adapting a naming system for new weapons for the extra spaces for weapons. it will be so F***ing COOL!!!!!!

I'll, um, start my own thread for this project though.
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