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Originally Posted by Husky
If you couldn't recognise the story in GTAIII and Vice City and seem to think that they were shit then you're an idiot. CJ this, CJ that, CJ stop your fucking whining, almost every sentence out of his mouth was a complaint, and the the story was the worst of the 3. Why don't you run along and play Quake or Dynasty Warriors, those games seem to fit your taste best.

Oh by the way if good stories anger you then please play Okami or watch National Treasure, the mere thought of you pissed off makes me tingle in places.

Oh also by the way, get the fuck out.

@Himuro: The proof that GTA isn't for simpletons are those that commit crimes and say "GTA Made me do it".
It's simple and easy to understand and it doesnt keep it from being a bad story which it was.... The characters sucked and arent better than anything on god father sorpranos or scarface.... Actually alot of GTA was made off other stories which would keep it from being as good as those stories... The stories are horrible..... Yall need to listen to some deeper stories if you think anything in GTA3 is complex.... Your acting like GTA's storyline can compete with Metal Gear Solid..... you only speak to ppl fo a couple of seconds going into a building acting like your going to get the best story ever in the coule of seconds that they assign you your mission.

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