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Originally Posted by nOs jOn
- read while walking (right before the previous scene)
who the fuck reads while walking. what a bitch ped. kidding.

Originally Posted by FireGod
iam scared I cant shoot thease Peds. , they look so real. what to do !!
i know. kill them. kill them all. and don't hold back. be as brutal as possible.

Originally Posted by Under_score
Ew. Not that I expected female cops to look like Candy Suxx, but DAMN! At first glance, she kinda looked like a dude.
ahahaha. thought exactly the same. she probably has a penis. ewww. nasty bitch.

Originally Posted by Under_score
Speaking of trannies, what about tranny hookers?
they're fucking nasty! what more do you want.

Originally Posted by Under_score
I want to beat a parent buckling his/her kids in their car.
so you want justice?
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