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Originally Posted by tmac9wr
My most sincere apologies.

@ Olin: GTA III never really looked that good to be honest with you. People were satisfied with the graphics of GTAIII because it had such a huge scale. The graphics of this game look awesome in my opinion...we've only seen a tiny bit of them but they look great to me. You need to consider the fact that there's going to be a lot more screens/videos released in the next 7 months. Something we need to also consider is the scale....if you're so disappointed with the graphics, why not wait until the entire scale of the city is revealed? Also, remember that this game uses the Euphoria Engine.....we haven't really seen anything yet as far as physics and anything like that goes.

Honestly, I think that graphics look awesome so far, the only thing I want is more pedestrians.
And if you think the graphics are good now, wait til 6 months later when you see them UP CLOSE

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