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Originally Posted by Olin
Yeah but these graphics will be considered crap given time.
First of all, the graphics we're seeing here are pretty damn sweet....not blowing all the next-gen games out of the water, but they're still damn good.

Second of all, we've seen NOTHING. We saw an El Train (which IMO looked sick), and a couple other things like streets with a few peds (which we don't know if were completely filled, but probably not considering we're 7 months away from the release). We saw a delicious cock-tease for this trailer, we now know 3 things: 1. It's located in Liberty City ; 2. It's Russian Mafia ; 3. It's probably closer to modern time. Of these 3 things, we can all agree that the #1 thing (location) isn't even set in stone! For all we know, there may be a Vice City, SA, or new city that gets revealed to us. This trailer gave us a glimpse but realize this: WE DON'T KNOW SHIT ABOUT ANYTHING .....that's all I can really say other than: Everyone else out there, hold your speculations for when R* actually gives us something else to chew on...until then, enjoy this very tasty 1 minute, 7 second bone until they decide to fill us in with some other details.
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