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Originally Posted by .:Clansman:.
Just in time for the trailer as well.
yea really. This is going to be a long day! I'm cutting work early to go home, watch it, rip it and upload it to the gtamissions youtube account! Everyone is beggin' for it!


Update on my progress? yes please!

I've finished all the 3-d GTA games! GTA3, Vice City, San Andreas, Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories! I've also started taking requests on side missions from all the GTA games, and have finished off quite a few of those. I'm up to over 500 vids!

Also, I started a new account where I can upload other games besides GTA.

I'm starting with the Rockstar game "Bully", and have no idea where I'll go from there! I've also bought the domain and plan to do the same thing I've done with

If you have a request for my request list, please check the site, (, and make sure I haven't already done what you're asking already!

Here's some highlights from the time I've been banned!

SA Vigilante Mission Completion! (on a bike!)

100% on City Slicking!

Phil Collins Concert!

SA Bloodring in 11.8 seconds!!!


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