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Originally Posted by Goat
I disagree. Controversy sells. Be it games, movies, music, etc. You have to stand out if you want to sell and R* are always pushing the envelope.
I'm not sure that's the case - I don't think that if something controversial happened in the news then R* would include it just to be popular, it's more like they make games about the things that they find cool and sometimes that offends people.

R* wanted to make a game about being a young boy fighting his way to the top of the playground pecking order, so they made Bully; they clearly didn't want to attract controversy because they changed the name to Canis Canem Edit in the UK. Another title which got rave reviews was Rockstar Table Tennis, a game which could surely vie for the title of "Least Controversial Game Ever" - R* made it because they liked the idea, not to cause uproar.

I agree they use shock and controversy to their advantage in marketing their games, but I really doubt they care about it when they're making them.
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