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Originally Posted by Jimmy_86
As far as I can tell, Rockstar North don't intend to cause controversy/offence...
I disagree. Controversy sells. Be it games, movies, music, etc. You have to stand out if you want to sell and R* are always pushing the envelope.

Originally Posted by Jimmy_86
...and the themes/content of their games has been covered in films/tv/ etc before.
Doesn't matter. Consumers of art/entertainment have notoriously short memories and bore very quickly. If you want a return on your investment you better bring your A Game and not disappoint. Plus, gamers are notoriously picky and hard to please, thus the "10%" comments. Do not be generic.

GTA is not, however, simply a shock game. The content is much deeper and that's why we keep coming back for more. But don't think that R* aren't using shock and contoversy to their advantage.
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