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The Inevitable Controversy

This is my first thread, so apologies if this is a repost or in an incorrect forum, but here goes:

The release of almost every major GTA game has had some form of controversy or moral uproar attached to it:

- GTA I, London '69 and GTA II were criticized for the violent content and the carjacking elements
- GTA III was released about a month after 9/11 and R* (allegedly) removed the character "Darkel" before release because some of the missions he sent you on involved aircraft-related terrorism
- Vice City had to be recalled and re-released (I think) after people from Haiti complained about the "Kill the Haitians" instructions in one of the missions (thanks Jimmy_86 for reminding me of that one)
- San Andreas was lambasted for the glorification of "gang culture" and, more damagingly, for the fact that R* failed to properly hide explicit sex scenes which they decided not to include just before release

My question is this: apart from the normal anti-violence campaigns, what controversy do you foresee happening around GTA IV?

Here are my ideas:

If the final game has an MMO element to it where players can form online gangs with real people then I reckon that will form the most controversial part of the game. Juvenile gang culture & knife/gun crime is a very hot topic at the moment and, particularly in Britain, any part of popular culture which appears to glorify or condone it is jumped upon by the moral brigade. Also, you might get people crying "unfair" if they get picked on in the MMO by a big gang of other players.

Also, R* have a habit of satirizing current events in the GTA games. Just enough time may have passed since 9/11, the Madrid bombings, and 7/7 that we may find some terrorism-related humour (or more likely satire) in the game which could get people's backs up.

Each successive GTA game also adds new activities or side-missions which cause controversy. So far in GTA games we've had carjackings, muggings, random violence, soliciting prostitution, gang-building, and sex scenes to name but a few (it's funny how no-one complains when you have to take people to hospital or deliver pizzas). What other side-missions or bonus activities do you see causing controversy in GTA IV?

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