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Originally Posted by Rurouni
Gta online pretty cool but do you think they would do a simple deathmatch like mta and all that stuff!
It says in the article:
What can we not expect? What will Rockstar be sure not to do in the future games such as GTA IV? He went on to reveal some tidbits:
"Just giving people deathmatch, or even a cooperative deathmatch...that's not GTA. When we [go] online with GTA, it's got to be right."
Those sentences in italics were a quoted from Sam Houser so...

Anyway, I doubt an MMO would follow a storyline since many players will be playing against each other rather than playing through a scripted story. The game would most likely be about making it to the top and not include past histories like those of the main characters from previous games. I wouldn't mind a full character customization feature there.

Even thoough I think a GTA MMO would be good, I wouldn't like it if Rockstar just completely abandoned creating single player GTAs. I think it will be fine if they at least come out with an additional MMO expansion to the single player game. I still really don't know how I would exactly like a GTA MMO to be but I want at least the single player game with a great story, theme, cars and all that jazz.
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