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I don't see sex as an odd part of GTA since the games have always had prostitutes that you can pick up and pay them for sex. It went further than having sex with a prostitute by showing you what they are doing but the minigame was just stupid and boring. It doesn't really give someone a reason to come back and "do it" again. I would rather much do a race or play pool than have polygon sex because you can earn some money there.

Rockstar just made a stupid move by not removing in the first place rather than disable it for now and be forced to remove it anyway for a second edition of the game. I think they could have forseen the possibility of someone creating a mod to allow access to the game and then seeing some kind of outrage when it's existence was leaked out. Many people talk about GTA a lot but not just by it's fans but by anti-gaming jerks who did find out about the minigame.

I might as well add my thought on the girlfriend feature, the stoyline shouldn't have forced you to have 2 girlfriends and it should have been some little unknown extra like the prostitute thing that isn't necessary to do. I don't really pick up prostitutes but have done so out of curiosity and I would do the same thing with a girlfriend but I would later forget about it. I think it adds to the realism to the game because sex, drugs and money do make the world go 'round and 'round.
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