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The Anti-Wish-List List

My wish for GTAIV goes against everyone else's wish so far.
Everyone wants bigger and better.
But the bigger things get, the more chances the collapse under their own weight.
So much emphasis on quantity, not enough on quality.
I want to see GTAIV as more of a simplified approach to the series.
And improvement, but a new beginning.
One good city - large enough to give a lot of free roam, but not too large as to have too many unusuable vague spots.
A good, condensed, interactive city, rather than acres and acres of generic land with un-enterable buildings.
It's quality we want.
Quality of story, design, and implimentation.
Quantity should only be considered AFTER you have the quality part down straight.

*steps off soap box*

*throws two cents into can*

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