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Apparently Sony are bidding.

But liek in the UK when the Safeway chain of supermarkets was being bought out, there was a ban on the Wal-Mart corp bidding, because they already owned another chain called ASDA. The same type of thing could happen here, with EA's exception.

As Sony have SCE and SCEE, M$ have Microsoft Game Development Studios and Nintendo are Nintendo, they'll probably be banned from bidding as they already own studios, and make the consoles the games are released for, giving them an unfair bias towards releases.

As for EA, I don't think they'd want Take2. As Take2 publish GTA, Manhunt, Max Payne etc, there's too much legal trouble there. Paying a lot of money just to get sued when GTAIV comes out because someones pyschopathic kid shot people is too much hassle. EA want money, that's why they release 50 games a day.

I just really hope that whoever does take them over realises GTAs market, and doesn't do anything drastic. R* are their own company, but Take2 have a hell of an influence.
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