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Water Related Ideas For GTA IV

I originally made this thread back in April 2006, almost a year ago. I figured it's too old to be bumped and moved to this forum, so I'm reposting these ideas.

*Also, any mods who may think this should be moved into the wishlist thread, please let me know and I'll gladly move it, but since it's such a large, detailed, and water specific list, I figured it would be best to post as a seperate thread.


The character's ability to swim was introduced in San Andreas, giving players a whole new under water world to explore! But now, at least I, want more water action!


A few vehicles I think would be interesting to see are jet skis,* cruise ships,**, submarines/submersibles,*** and war related ships (Batlleships, etc.)****

* I don't know about you, but the introduction of motorcycles in Vice City made GTA a more fun game to play. Jet Skis are like the motorcycle of the water.

** Having control of a ship the height of a 10 story building and the length of about 3 football fields, now that sounds like fun to me! Not only being able to drive it, but have access to a fully rendered interior of the ship would be very cool, in my opinion.

*** Imagine this, the further out you go into the ocean in the game, the deeper the water gets. Being able to explore something so vast would require the assistance of a deap sea vehicle. Exploring ship wrecks and the deep sea enviorment in submarines/submersibles sounds like a pretty fun feature to me.

-Being able to explore airplane interiors would also be an interesting feature-

**** There's plenty of attacking and explosions in GTA, but let's expand this a little. So far, the only water related gun fire is the guns on the Predator (police boat). But how cool would it be to control a massive war ship, firing missiles and large machine guns at enemies. Sounds great to me!


Ships and boats being able to take on water, show realistic visual damage depending on the cause of the damage, and realistic sinking animations would be an awesome feature for water vehicles, as well as land and air vehicles, except taking on water and sinking wouldn't really apply to them unless they entered the water.


The water physics and such in GTA could use some improvement. Waves could act more realistically depending on weather, boats, tides, or what is in their path. (Ex. People)* There's really never been "breaking water" in GTA, it would interesting to see it happen and affect players if they happen to get caught in it.**

* Stormy weather causes larger waves. GTA has basically already done this, but say the water gets too rough. Perhaps the water could start spilling onto the land, possibly even causing floods. Different sizes and types of boats create different waves. Rockstar could emphasize this more in the game. The addition of tides in GTA would be an interesting feature. At certain times of the day the tide would be high, then about 6 hours (6 minutes GTA Time) later the tide would be low. And the magnitude of the tides would be different depending on phase of the moon. Water could act as a force on the player pushing them in the direction of the water flow (currents or waves could cause this). The force felt by the player would vary depending on the player's weight (affected by amount of food consumed and working out daily, like in SA).

** Breaking waves would add to the nice "look" of the water. When I say breaking waves I mean seeing barrells in the waves and those points eventually die down as they reach shallower water or the shore. Surfing could also be a cool feature which would put breaking waves to good use.

Other Physics

Sailboats. So far they've only been used in GTA by motors. Wouldn't it be interesting to have an alternate method of moving the boat? A whole new physic could be added for this, wind. Depending on the weather, wind could be stronger, weaker, or maybe no wind at all, and you'll just have to use the motor on the sailboat instead. Wind surfing could be an addition to the game if this were to exist.

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling

So you don't want to take a sub down in the sea, put on your scuba gear and head on down! A meter for your oxygen tank could replace the oxygen meter for just regular swimming. Maybe even a speargun could be added into the game. For the first time, battle your enemies under the water! For snorkeling, no oxygen meter will appear, since with snorkeling there is no limit to your oxygen. Diving under water while snorkeling, however, will bring cause the oxygen meter to reappear and go into affect.


Just a few ideas I thought up while playing San Andreas and hanging around the water earlier that I thought would make an interesting addition to future Grand Theft Autos to come.
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