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The future....

Apologies if this is nothing, or already known, ect...

I decided I would take a look at the old skool GTA sites for 1 and 2..
Currently on the GTA2 site there are 2 times placed opposite each other, one called 'present 7th March 07' and the other called 'The Future 29th March 07'... I havent been to the GTA2 site before, but im sure its not just a coincidence that 'the future' time is the same date of the GTAIV trailer. its probably nothing, but its kinda unusual they would update an old site like that.

Eitherway just check it for yourself....

Though it would be considered too obvious for R*, I really hope this doesnt mean they are going to set IV in the future....

as I said apologies if this is nothing, delete the thread if necessary.

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