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Originally Posted by Xeroer
Few things you should remember when applying, and those with expience know these all too well.

- Testing video games is often a dull and repetitive job.
- The pay is usually like you are doing it for community service.
- In some environments, Q.A testers have a tough time with the "higher" employees in the production team. E.g. programmers.
- Start early, finish late.
- Nothing you see/do/hear will leave the office. You will be in a legal binding contract that will prevent you from letting anyone know what you do.

I can imagine with these projects, there would be severe consequences for leaking the smallest detail.
completely! no one thinks of the bad side when you hear "games tester required"

I was thinking about applying, moving to Scotland for a bit, but with all i'm not really sure I could handle the job, I don't wanna be sick of playing games... And I am pretty sure I would rather see the finished version of GTAIV from the comfort of my own home rather than a in work process..
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