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Originally Posted by ivar87
Yea, it would be fantastic if they really would put in some freaky poop like Yeti's or UFO's or even dinosaurs.
Something out of the ordinary.
If I see a Dinosaur in GTAIV I will hold you personally responsible, and that means I'll have to kill you. Seriously that is laaaaaaame.

Real people? Maybe people that try and kill you because you killed their brother in a hit-and-run or a shoot-out or something.

Since GTA is supposed to be vaguely realistic, I don't think there's going to be a Yeti, Bigfoot, UFO's, Dinosaurs.., Leatherface..anything like that.

What would be cool is Kinghtrider though. That would be..the ultimate.

Or just a mission with David Hasselhoff, preferably where you kill him.
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