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Originally Posted by Jimmy_86
Well I've been wondering if the "Shadykiller" will return whom some may remember from VC/SA days. I also wondered why they weren't doing their thing with the stories games but there could be many reasons for that.

Anyone remember the shadykiller?

EDIT: Just found these. Looks like "Rockstars shadykiller" wasn't real. (don't post in this ofcourse)
I don't may you please tell me who he is?(yes i read your post but still)

Anyway i'd like to see UFOs,Leatherface and Piggsy,Bigfoot,Yeti,the IT clown(lol yes the one from the movie), a crazy serial killer,Jaws,A 4 armed freak that lives in the woods,Loc ness Monster,Abandonded islands, Zombies, Dinosaurs in the woods, and anything else that rockstar can think of.
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