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Originally Posted by PastorRichardsFanatic
Well another game im interested in ATM is Star Wars : The Force Unleashed. No-one may be bothered by this but this is the engine in action on that game.
Notice how he says, "Really cutting edge technology here, not something that you'll see anywhere else except LucasArt Games". Lol

Also, I think they should add this system, that is also in the Star Wars game. Its called DMM (Digital Molecular Matter).
Yeah i watched the DMM video i thought the system would Rock. I hope they do include the DMM system and the Euphoria Engine would own.I can't even begin how hardcore these systems would be.

BTW Sorry if I was a little hyper sounding it's just i'm so excited and i can't wait for the trailer.

Sorry again but the more i watch that the more i think it looks like something that will be in Assassin's Creed wouldn't you guys agree?
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