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my games are...


1.gta 111
2.gta vice city
3.san andreas
4.guitar hero 2
5.blitz the leage
6.smackdown vs raw 2006
7.the warriors(best game ever!)
8.spider-man 2 of duty part 1
10.007 everything or nothing
11.starwars 3
12.war of the monsters
13.x-men part 2
14.gta liberty city storys
15.battlefeald modren combat
16.shadow of rome


2.mortal kombat 2
3.resident evil gaiden
4.mortal kombat 3
5.sims the urbs
7.wwe wrestle maina
8.a casino game
9.mairo cart


1. body harvest every wrestling game
3.all 3 south park games
5.starwars shadow of the empire
6.the starwars game were you fly heros


1.spiderman 1 and 2
2.nightmare creachers
3.mortal kombat trilogy
4smackdown 1 and 2
5. gta 2
6.x-men fighting
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