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Wow, this forum is really old. And the first post needs some serious editing. But the poster has been banned.

This forum is one of the strangest I've seen.


I'm aiming for 100% now. I have just finished "Misappropriation" for Tenpenny, I don't have my stats on hand, I'm away from my gaming PC for a day or two.

So far I'm using the guide at, It's a pretty decent walkthrough, I'm enjoying the help. I'm working hard for the 100% so I read this whole thread, didn't see it mentioned.

Just to let you know GTdAve, I consider myself a pretty damn good gamer but racing in general defeats me. I own not one racing game and that's the way it will stay. Still, GTA:SA has a whole lot of races and I need them for 100%. So I'm leaving them till last, and then I'm going to cheat and laugh as the other cars fail. I have the PC version so my cheating options are far wider, I'll be using the gravity mod option of a trainer. x2 or x3 gravity makes for some wicked handling, minus the stupid. stupid twichy controls that the so-called 'perfect handling' cheat provides.

So far my only qualms are side missions. The story missions range from super easy to uncomfortably hard. Still stuck on the folllowing:

-NRG Challenge
-Blood Bowl
-All of the street and flying races.

To be honest I still need to give the flight races another go. There is no time limit, so I need to go slower. Much slower.

Other things:

-The only way I managed to finish the BMX Challenge was by jacking a Packer, sticking it right by the SW half pipe, getting all the blips and then jumping the Packer onto the SW halfpipe blip, that I couldn't get otherwise. Frustrating mission, so much so that when I first played GTA:SA, I couldn't do it, and I decided not to bother with 100% completion.
-I can only finish the Paramedic mission in Angel Pine.
-The only way I can finish the Vigilante mission is by using the "go inside, wait till they die, go back outside, repeat" glitch on the PS2. This doesn't work on the PC, so I left it until the races opened, started the Heli Hell flight race, parked the Hunter next to the spot where I started the flight race, got out, waited until I failed the race, exited the race menu and ran away with the Hunter, finishing Vigilante in about ten minutes.
-The only reason I passed the Dirt Track race is because the games AI cannot lean forward or back on a bike, causing it to crash when doing some jumps. Even then I won by a small margin.
-Trucking is simple if done on the railways.
-All of Zero's missions are easy on the PC version. Really easy. For someone that has tried the PS2 version and cried, it's so satisfying to finish Air Raid with full signal strength, and Supply Lines with about 40% fuel left.
-The mouse on PC makes any manual aim task a complete breeze. Can you hook a mouse up to a PS2? How about the PS3?

Wish me luck on getting the big ol one-oh-oh.
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