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Originally Posted by rcguy150
The blood wasn't supposed to be included. I forgot I had that installed I have removed it. The clouds, however, were just another fix I forgot to mention. Enjoy the freebie blood fix, haha.

So anyway, i'm trying to change some night effect in Los Santos. I felt that the "very smoggy" nights wernt well...hazy enough. I have this real photo taken as inspiration, and I'd like to know what you guys think:

Here's the real image

And here's in-game:

Well, the buildings looks alright. But things that are closer don't look good. The in-game picture looks like a bad picture. Also, make sure you can still do stealth moves at night. Because I think that was something that a lot of people really appreciated. But please don't make it too dark, many times I had to restart the mission because I had no idea where I was driving.
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