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Yeah it Did look like GFX fag. thanks for all of your possitive feedback guys.
I have had this for ages but never posted it. I am currently updating it with link's to helpful tutorial's and good Photoshop Brushes.

Edit:: FAQ Updated
Question 7. Added.

Question 8,9,10 added

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Question 13 added Huge ammounts of info included

FAQ Continued:

14. What is the bevel and emboss feature and what does it do?
The bevel and emboss feature allows you to make everything on a certain layer look 3 dimensional, You can do this by double clicking on the layer you wish to bevel and emboss and then changing the settings.

15.Can I make a Signature from any render?
Yes and no.
Yes because you can and no because it will look rubbish, you must always have some colour in your Signatures, for example: never use a batman render because he is only Grey and Black, he has no colour in him which means boring and retarded looking signatures.
If you want to have good signatures then look for the following criteria in a render:
Lighting: Always make sure that there is a spot where lighting Is coming from and make sure that that spot is easy to see even when the signature has been made, so then you can make one side lighter than the other.
Colour: make sure not to have a render with to much colour, like a clown or a rainbow because then you will not be able to blend the colours well.
What it is: make sure that everyone(well not everyone but most people) know what it is, donít put a picture of a game or movie character that only you know about.
An example of the perfect render is this one here:

as you can see it has a good source of light and the colours are mostly the same(reds)

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