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Smartest Member: Shadow Conception, Cyrix, Piggus
Dumbest Member: Despirited, Grimmy
Sexiest Member: Alien Biobsy, JMR, HalfHomo
Ugliest Member: KoningurAfPina, the one who posts in mugshots with Emo in his name
Best Contributor: Asif, Clansman, Jimmy_86
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Best At Graphics: Alien Biobsy
Worst At Graphics: Grimmy
Worst Spammer: Scarface05
Most Original Name: Slim Trashman, Zidane, Kodo
Most Unoriginal Name: Jimmy_86, Ritchie
Most Helpful: Asif, Asif, Asif
Friendliest Member: Asif, Asif, Asif
Most Hated: tui, tui, tui
Most Popular: Ritchie, Follow, Slim Trashman
Member With Best Music Taste: JMR, HalfHomo, Ramboy
Member With Worst Music Taste:
Best Haircut: JMR, HalfHomo, Nediar
Worst Haircut: KoningurAfPina, Shadow Conception
Best Grammar: Zidane, Asif
Worst Grammar: tui
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Most Exciting Member:
Most Improved Member: Grimmy
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Most Respected Member: Ramboy, Asif, Zidane
Most Issues: Despirited
Best Gamer: Piggus, Olin, Ramboy
Funniest Member: Ramboy, Ramboy, Ramboy
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Horniest Member: Llama, Alien Biobsy, HalfHomo
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Most Mysterious Member: Japisee
Thread of the Year: i lost the "v"

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